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22 pt Luster Glossy Business Card

The Luster glossy Business Cards are extra shiny that gets special attention from the viewers. This card is printed on thick card stock paper and UV coated only on the front side of the card.  Perfect for use as a promotional card without the high cost.

The glossy finish coating prevents the card from getting mutilated and maintains its color for a longer period. Also, recommend rounded corners so can insert in and out of the billfold with ease.



  • Normally delivered within 4 days
  • No coating on the backside
  • Extra high glossy card
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22 pt Luster Glossy Business Card

Business card Print Specification

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  1. Color Mode: All files must be in CMYK color mode. No exception. If the file contains RGB colors you may get unexpected color shift print results.
  2. Document size:  Always set the document size to 3.625″x2.125″ at the beginning. The actual business card size is 3.5″x2″.
  3. Set the bleed: All print requires setting or adding the bleed of 1/8″ inch around the 3.5″x2″  business card size so avoid white edges after cutting the card. Some designer uses 3.75″x2.25″ as their bleed size. That’s fine with us.
  4. Use of types: Outline all the text to graphics to overcome the possible type/font incompatibility and text flow issues.
  5. File Type: We accept the following file types.  .pdf .ai, .psd .eps .jpeg, or .jpg .tiff .svg file types. Make sure texts are outlined in .ai and .psd file types.
  6. Color Matching: Be cautious with certain colors. ie. Reflex Blue, Pink, default black, and Turquoise.
  7. Print Safe zone: Position all the text and important graphics 1/16″ away from the edge of the paper so does not cut off during the cutting process.
  8. File resolution: We recommend a 300 dpi resolution file and the use of vector graphic image files wherever possible to get smoother text and exact graphic positioning where required.

How to start designing the business card from any major graphic software.

  1. bcc bleed setup2
    Click to enlarge the image

    Set the document size to 3.5 x2″, set the print resolution to 300 dpi, and make sure to set the color mode to CMYK color.

  2. Make sure all the text is inside the Safe Zone.
  3. Now, change the document size to 3.625″x2.125″. This adds 1/16″ (.0625″) around the business card by setting the bleed. Do not reposition the text or any of the graphical elements on the business card afterward, yet.
  4. Finally, if you have a background color other than white color extend out the background color to the new document size edge. Do the same for any graphical element that needs to extend out the to edge of the business card.
  5. Save the file as .pdf or jpg. Although other file types are acceptable we recommend these two types.

How to start designing the business card from

  1. Canva’s business card requires a .25″ bleed instead of a .125″ bleed making a 3.75″x2.25″ document size. That’s okay with us.
  2. Be aware free or try versions of Canva will have some limitations in designing and saving the file in the correct form. You may need to pay to get their full service.
  3. Be sure to click on the right column ready to print bleed and danger zone issues.
  4. Download the file to your device and email it over to us or share it with us at [email protected]
  5. Our prices are similar to Canva printing with standard cards and Premium cards. Canva’sDeluxe cards are similar to our 32pt cards.
  6. If you would like us to create the card using Canva and share the file, then requires a one-time charge of $5 in addition to printing the card. To initiate the Canva share setup please contact us directly.

Many of the free online business card template files don’t have the bleed set to print properly.

If you don’t add or set the bleed, your business card will have white borders around the business card. Although this issue can be resolved requires special attention on our part and can cost you the extra setup cost.

If looking for something more unique glossy cards, please visit our main website links below.

Upgrade your product line with brilliant Luster business Cards with high gloss lamination. Allow your business cards to make a lasting impression with extra durable, water-resistant, glossy Luster Cards. The Luster glossy Business Cards are printed with high-quality equipment on 16pt card stock and then they are laminated with an optically clear 3 mil gloss laminate on both sides, making the cards a colossal “22pt” thick.

The 18pt glossy business cards are slightly thicker than 16pt cards.   This paper has a coating on the front side and no coating on the backside.

With Thick Crystal Glossy cards (16pt), you can add additional finishing options making it into a spectacular eye-catching high glossy business card.

Our recommendation on 16 pt glossy business card

When your business card design has a dark background color that bleeds to the edges of the card, we recommend selecting a glossy finish business card to prevent the edges from flaking off. Additionally, the glossy finish coating prevents the card from getting mutilated and maintains its color for longer.

For more information please contact us.


Additional information


250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000

Paper Type

22 pt Glossy Finish

UV Coating

Front side UV coating only, Back side not available

Rounded Corners

No, 1/8" Radius (smaller corners, 1/4" Radius (standard)

Printing Side

Front only, Both Front & Back

Printing & Delivery Time

3-4 days printing and 3-4 days delivery