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These are the concise version of answering the business card related questions.

  1. bcchoices What are the steps in designing a business card?

    First, decide on the type of business card. Personal. Professional. Product-oriented, Service related, Promotional, or Marketing. Each type of business card has the design styles to follow.

  2. bcchoices How to print 10 business cards per page?

    If printing at the office, use the papers, however, we do not recommend them if you have a background color extending out to the edge of the paper.

  3. bcchoices What is the best online layout website for the business card? and a few other websites are great alternatives to having a professional graphic designer at your finger tips.

  4. bcchoices What is the best format to print business cards?

    We recommend .pdf, then png and .jpg, and then PSD files

  5. bcchoices Can I design my own business cards?

    Yes, you can with little assistance.

  6. bcchoices What should a good business card have on it?

    Readable Name, phone, and email address, and then clearly spell out the type of services provided in less than 4-5 words.

  7. bcchoices How can I make business cards at home for free?

    Not recommend. Printing and cutting the business card is a major challenge. No matter how much you try very likely will look unprofessional.

  8. bcchoices What factors should I consider when choosing a company to print my business cards?

    Most online printing places will print without any print-ready verification. They will print without any hesitation looking over your file.

  9. bcchoices hat is the best free business card maker software?

    There isn’t one we can recommend. We prefer the most.

  10. bcchoices What is the best paper for business cards?

    120 lb, 14 pt, 16 pt. paper. You can not find these papers to purchase at the local retail stores. Likely, these thick papers will not perform well with an office printer.

  11. bcchoices What is the best thickness for business cards for today?

    We recommend 16 pt CS paper, UV coated or uncoated. This card is sturdy and very reasonable in price. For more thicker business cards please visit our Most Common Business Cards

  12. bcchoices Business card design guideline to follow.

    There are several guidelines in printing. You need follow them to have printed correctly. Please visit 10 Guides to design the business card the right way.

  13. bcchoices What is typesetting?

    The concept of typesetting, in our opinion, refers to guidelines that help readers process the content they’re seeing by determining how texts are laid out. You can see business card layout elements as sets of letters, graphics, and sizes that should be positioned properly and aligned one another so that you are more likely to get attention to make the sale.

  14. bcchoices Why need to add print finishing options?

    The addition of print finishing options will help your business card stand out from the crowd.

  15. bcchoices How business card thickness are measured?

    The papers are measured in 2 ways, weight of the paper and thickness of the paper. The weight of the papers are measured in pounds as well as gsm(metric measurement). The thickness of the papers are measured in points. The pound measurements are based on calculating the bulk weigh of a specific size of papers.

    For an example
    14 pt or 16pt paper thick and varies between 260-300gsm in weight.
    120-130 lb paper refers to as the weight of the paper. The thickness of the paper varies between paper vendors but it’s safe to assume between 14-18pt paper.

  16. bcchoices 14 pt paper and 130 lb paper type

    Whenever you hear 14pt paper refers to digital press friendly with smoother surface paper.
    Whenever you hear 130 lb paper refers to offset press friendly with slightly textured or matte paper.

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