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Comparative Analysis 2024 Business Card Printing

Comparative Analysis 2024 Business Card Printing

Comparative Analysis 2024 Business Card Printing

This analysis is solely based on our view.

Canva.comBCChoices.com Moo.comVistaprint.com

Let us show you how BCChoices stands out among other top printers online.
CanvaBCChoices (Ours)MooVista Print

Print and Design

PriorityQuick card design serviceA quick and hands-on approach to maximize its potential.Quick card design seviceServes both template and custom laid out customers well.
Print Quality⭐ Top-quality printing⭐ Top-quality printing⭐ Top-quality printing⭐ Top-quality printing
Available TemplatesOne of the best DIY templates online to use for freeBusiness card templates not available with us but supports files created from Canva.com.Basic templates⭐ One of the best DIY templates online
Use of business card template⭐ Looks good on the screen but don't work well on the actual printsActual card design.We prefer not use the template of any kind. Looks good on the screen but don't work well on the actual printsLooks good on the screen but don't work well on the actual prints
Selecting colorsColor match can be challenging between RGB and CMYK settings
Always prints as CMYK color.Always prints as CMYK color.Always prints as CMYK color.
Checking for bleedNot very clear.
Most customer don't understand the importance of print bleed.
⭐ 100% verifiedNot explained well⭐ Explained well
Adding graphicsLimited control⭐ Full controlLimited controlLimited control
Safe print areaNot very clear⭐ 100% verifiedNot explained wellExplained well
Working with SVG file⭐ Excellent100% supportNot sure100% support
Type settingGreat typesetting control over the web designing tool. ⭐ Full type setting controlLimited controlLimited control
Paper selectionsLimited to handful of selections⭐ Many more paper choicesLimited to handful of thicker paper selectionsMany paper selections
Finishing OptionsLimited to round corners.⭐ We have many more. Spot UV, Raised ink, Custom Die-cut, Painted edges, Multi-layered embossed, Sequential numbering, PunchedLimited to fewOffers many
Shipping costAdd on cost⭐ Mostly FreeAdd on costAdd on cost
Color MatchingNot Guaranteed at allAlthough we cannot guarantee either, we manually check for known color matching issues as a courtesy.Not Guaranteed at allNot Guaranteed at all


Intended forDIY: Quick first time out⭐ Seeking for real professional/Marketing cardDIY: seeking for simple lookDIY: Office / DIY
Delivery time1-2 weeks⭐ 1-3 days in most cases1-2 weeks1-2 weeks
File quality checkNo⭐ 100% verificationNoneMinimal
Design supportNot with free version⭐ 100% supportNoneMinimal
Print-ready serviceDIY. Not offered⭐ Free Print Ready servicesDIY. Not offeredBetter than most
Printing CostCompetitive⭐ Similar pricingOn the higher sideSimilar pricing
Bulk Order DiscountsNot offered⭐ 20% off with 3 or more ordersNot reallyNot really
Customer Support HelpOnly after become a Pro-member gets to chat online for support help.We support before and after placed an order via phone, text, or email. You will be in direct contact with our designer.Only after placed on order. In contact with sales agent.Only after placed on order speaking to an sales agent.
File or image correctionDIY. Not availableMostly free to have images or layout corrected
DIY. Not availableDIY. Not available


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