In an embossed business card, a domed effect is created by pressing from the reverse side of the card. This creates a raised graphical image on the business card’s top surface.

Embossed business card methods:

Embossing without the ink (Blind Press Embossing): This stamping technique makes a domed effect without the color or foil on the card surface.

Embossing with color ink: 

This stamping technique makes a domed effect over the printed and foiled area on the card.
Embossing area: standard size — 1.5″x.75″.  2″x1.5″ is the maximum embossing area.

How to prepare the Full-color Embossed card artwork:
You need to create one additional file for the embossed masked area on the card. Here are the steps.

Duplicate your business card file and name that file “XYZ-mask.pdf.”
From the XYZ-mask.pdf file, delete or take out the card elements that are not part of the mask area.
Now, take the remaining masked area on the card and change the color to black color 0/0/0/100, and then save the file.

We use paper die to reduce the cost of printing. You do not own the paper die and you need to pay for the paper die cost on each print order.

The paper dies cost of our full-color printing is substantially lower than that of our competitors, and our full-color printing services are normally quicker with more finishing options.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us for further information.

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