Special Shaped Die-cut Cards

Special Shaped Die-cut business Cards can help brand your business uniquely. We can print your business card ideal into a custom-shaped business card or choose from our 58 premade die shapes. You will have a  fun time promoting your product or services.

More Unique Business Cards Available More Unique Business Cards Available

Our Die-cut Shaped Business Cards are available in all three types of card selections, however, in terms of their cost, Premium Standard Cards are the least expensive and have the least finishing option available.

Premium Standard Card: This selection offers the standard squared, circled, leafed, and mini-shaped business cards on 14 pt and 16 pt card stock paper.

Premium Plus Card: You get to choose from the 58 premade dies. If we don’t have the shape you are looking for then we can make a custom die for only $69 (about 150% less than the retail print shop). All the custom shape cards in this selection are printed on the 14 pt. silk card and starts at $149/200. You can apply finishing options such as metallic foils, Spot UV, Embossing, or Punch outs.

Premium Branding Card: With our Branding card, you can create just about anything on any paper that the Premium Branding card allows and they look better than the Premium Plus Card.

If you would like more information be sure to drop us an email at the Contact us or send us a file for us to review your file.

Please allow us additional 2 weeks for the making of the die and the cutting process.

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