Use of Free Business card templates

10 Guides to design the business card the right way

Use of Free Business card templates

The process of designing your own business card online can be frustrating for some, as people want to have high-quality business cards without really understanding what makes a quality business card.

To avoid having a frustrating experience, should not use the free business card templates online.

Use of Free Business card templates

So why shouldn’t design with free business card templates?

Online business card design sites allow you to create your own business cards (DIY) at a fraction of the cost. It seems as if every one of them claims you can get you the cards for under $10, but what is the catch?

Why shouldn't design with free online business card templates?

Is this business card good enough for the important meeting or can I get what I want to be done to the card?

How do I place the logo that I got from my web designer?

  • Is this card thick enough?
  • Can I place my own logo?
  • Can I add my own graphic?
  • What about my own photo image?
  • Do I have time to mess with another online business card designing interface can’t seem to understand?

Why shouldn't design with free online business card templates?

The answer is “Yes. you can design the business cards online, but then, it’s not that simple.” Here is why.

Background template. 

Most online custom business card design tool is dictated by a fancy background leaving you with very little room to add text or another image on the card. Moreover, when you use dark color as a background then likely you need to reverse the text color over the area so that letters and phone numbers can stand out.


Just ask yourself, what is more, important to you, a logo of your business on the card or the fancy background that dominates half the card? Do you want a very small logo on the card or a logo that properly represents the business brand you are trying to achieve? In many cases, just type in your business name on the card and call it a day.

Add other Graphics or photo images. 

How can you place the photo image over the background image without having a white background of the photo image? In most cases, you can’t place another image over the background. You will need to hire a graphics professional help who understands how these business cards online designing tool works

Card Thickness. 

Many business cards online websites offer 10pt 12pt papers. That’s far below today’s industry standard of 14pt or 16pt papers.

Pertinent Information and Text Spacing.

Most online business card templates don’t have much space for your pertinent business card information such as your length email address, URL address, multiple contact information, or your list of services. Again, your online business card template is dominated by graphical elements.

Instead of selecting a template of some kind, start out with a blank template, then generally place your pertinent information on the layout. Next, place the graphical or photo image on the card. This way you are not restricted over the existing template working space.

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