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Using CANVA.com business card templates

Using the CANVA.com business card templates
Design with Canva

Using CANVA.com business card templates print we offer 10% off the printing.

Canva.com is the top choice for creating business card layouts online without the need for a professional design service. It offers a sleek and professional appearance, making it user-friendly for a wide range of individuals. With the paid version of Canva.com, you gain access to a comprehensive set of tools to enhance your card creation process.

Whether you go with the free template user version of Canva.com or the professional template user version of Canva.com, we can assist you with the layout of your business card by sharing it with us. [email protected].

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  • When using the CANVA.com template with us to print your business cards, make sure you click on the “Crop marks and Bleeds” or turn on the print issues before downloading the file to print.
  • Don’t get caught up selecting the perfect business card template. Although some of the business card templates are very attractive it may not work well with your logo and all the pertinent information you have on the card.
  • Make sure your logo is perfectly positioned on the card.
  • Make sure your pertinent business card information is clearly presented on the card.
  • Now, if you can, adjust the business card template around the logo and the text information.

Pros using Canva.com

There are quality business card templates available through Canva.com that are usually only available through graphic designers.

Cons using the Canva.com

  • Adding print finishing options such as Spot UV, Foil, and Numbering is difficult using Canva.com templates. All depends on how the file was created and generated. However, Canva.com artwork files that have been flattened make adding spot UV or foil difficult to set the print ready file correctly.
  • Since Canva.com uses RGB colors, some of the colors may not print exactly as you saw them on your screen, especially in blues, teals, and lime greens.
  • Online templates for business cards are generally intended for DIY customers who want to save money, but they’re difficult to customize and add personal graphics.
  • Instant Wow Factor or not! Most business card templates don’t have a logo and the real email address that takes up two third of the width of the business card.

The Printing Cost using at the Canva.com

Our cost is less than Canva.com printing services and offers faster delivery time.

How to print business cards from Canva?

Canva.com offers quality business card templates that are typically only available through graphic designers. However, there are some cons to using Canva.com for business cards. To print business cards from Canva.com, follow these steps:

Design your business card using Canva’s templates and tools.
Save your design in a suitable file format (e.g., PDF or JPEG).
Upload your design to a professional printing service or use an online printing service that accepts Canva files.
Review and approve the proof provided by the printing service.
Place your order and wait for the business cards to be printed and delivered to you.

If you need assistance with the layout of your business card, you can share it with us at [email protected].

Once you create using the canva business cards template, you can save the file as .pdf and send it to us in an email. We offer similar printing quality as Canva printing services can offer online.

Please consult with our production team about your printing print options. This Canva’s business card best matches with Business Card Choices printing services.

Who should use the Canva to design the business card?

Business starter, low on budget, on the go, limited resources, one person show, need cards right away, not particular about the details, a person with DIY mindset, Willing to adjust the template to fit your pertinent information.

Who should not use the Canva to design the business card?

Looking for a perfection, Looking for a perfect color match, Looking for print finishing options,